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 Minecart Underground System [Under Construction]

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PostSubject: Minecart Underground System [Under Construction]   Fri 1 Feb - 10:37

SOUNDCRAFT's Underground Minecart Railway System!
We're proud to present the first *fully working*, automated Underground Transportation System. affraid

In total there will be 4 Lines connecting the City Center with the surrounding Regions, 1 Line connecting all the administrative buildings inside the center and 1 Line going to a dark secret place...

Total Lines: 6
Total Stops: 18

> line 1 fully operational
> line 2 under construction

Exclamation How it works:

You can get to your desired Station by getting into the mincart and then choosing the corresponding button. If there is no minecart, simply press any button to call one. (if there still is no minecart in front of you, ask a moderator or admin for help)
If you happen to press a button WITH a minecart on the track... dont worry, you're just fine! Wink

As you can see the 4 Region Lines are going in circles, ending up at the Main Station again. So any cart leaving the Main Station will eventually end up there again. Look at this guy, looking at the Minecarts, going in circles -> Mad extreme concentration action going on here..
[currently the station selection system is disabled(under construction), any button on any station just brings you to the next stop on the line]

Backup System:
The system that holds the backup minecarts at each station is connected by a second railway Line that transports the excess minecarts from a full station to one that lacks minecarts. Everything is redstone controlled with no magical plugin help at all.

Exclamation The Map: (click the image to open it in a new tab)

Exclamation Stations:
The name of each Station is given by its surrounding Region colour.
If the station doors are locked, the System is under maintenance.

Station List:

Line 1 Destination: Main Station
Station 1: Black
Station 2: Blue
Station 3: White

Line 2 Destination: Main Station
Station 1: undefined
Station 2: undefined
Station 3: undefined

Line 3 Destination: Main Station
Station 1: undefined
Station 2: PvP

Line 4 Destination: Main Station
Station 1: undefined
Station 2: undefined
Station 3: undefined

Line 5 Destination: Circle Line
Station 1: undefined
Station 2: undefined
Station 3: undefined
Station 4: undefined
Station 5: undefined

Line 6 Destination: to a galaxy far, far away!

go catch a cart, and have fun on the ride Cool
SCS king

[TEAM SCS] Like a Star @ heaven
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Minecart Underground System [Under Construction]
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