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 Paintball - How to Play

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PostSubject: Paintball - How to Play   Fri 1 Feb - 8:50

Paintball Pure War
Minecraft Bukkit Plugin on SoundCraftSurvival

The Paintball pure War plugin is a minecraft first person shooter wich lets you shoot Snowballs, throw Grenades and call in Airstrikes against opposing teams, and see the top player Ranks and Stats. For each kill and win you are given Paintball Cash to buy weapons in the Paintball Shop.

To use the Plugin on SOUNDCRAFT Survival, it's enough to know the following features:

Question 1. To Join:

Go to the PvP Arena Hub (..or warp there with /warp PvP)
To join a Paintball game (possible anywhere on the Server), clear your inventory and type into the chat:

/pb lobby

to get selected into a team:

/pb random

or to spectate:

/pb spec

to see several Stats and Ranks:
/pb stats
/pb top
/pb rank

to Leave the team or the lobby (you are still in the lobby when you leave a team):
/pb leave
the same applies to spectators.

Question 2. Paintball Shop:
(doesn't affect your normal In-Game cash!)

to see your current Paintball Cash balance:
/pb cash

there are 9 options available in the shop. Only after you spawned on a Paintball Map, type (othewise when the round starts you loose what you just bought):
/pb shop <id>

Shop Id's:

1 : 10x Balls - 15$
2 : 50x Balls - 65$
3 : 100x Balls - 120$
4 : 1x Grenade - 20$
5 : 1x Mine - 15$
6 : 1x Rocket Launcher - 20$
7 : 1x Airstrike - 100$
8 : 1x Turret - 200$
9 : 1x Speed - 35$

Question 3. The Maps:

We currently have 3 rotating custom built Multiplayer Maps on the Server.
!!! You have 2 Lives! Meaning, with the third snowball hit, you die !!!

Map 1:

Small Fast Map (2-6 Players recommended)
Round Time: 2 min
Balls: 50
Grenades: 0
Lives: 2
Respawns: 0

Pressure Pad Cover Spots

Map 2:

Medium Adventure Map (2-8 Players recommended)
Round Time: 4 min
Balls: 100
Grenades: 0
Lives: 2
Respawns: 2

Secret Tunnels

Map 3 (C.O.D - CRASH Minecraft-fitted):

Operation Forces (4-12 Players recommended)
Round Time: 6 min
Balls: 150
Grenades: 1
Lives: 2
Respawns: 3

C.O.D Map, Spectator Helicopter

Thanks to the creator of this Plugin Blablubbabc cheers
If you find anything missing on this help page, feel free to contact us!

cheers, king
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Paintball - How to Play
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