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 mcMMO - More skills + More level = More fun !!!

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PostSubject: mcMMO - More skills + More level = More fun !!!   Mon 11 Feb - 15:17


Author: nossr50

The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO has been carefully thought out and is constantly being improved upon. Currently, mcMMO currently adds thirteen unique skills to train and level in. Each of these skills is highly customizable through our configuration files, allowing server admins to tweak mcMMO to best suit the needs of his or her server. Additionally, when run in conjuction with SpoutPlugin, mcMMO also has a custom XP bar to allow for easy tracking of progress towards leveling up. Know that the mcMMO team is dedicated to providing an ever-evolving experience. If you want more details go to:

mcMMO Features

- Fully featured mmo-like party system
- Localization
- Robust Skills
- Unique Skill Abilities
- Skill Leaderboards
- Skills that focus on fun gameplay rather than restriction
- Follows an XP system like in an RPG/MMO
- Addictive
- MCmmo Repair System (The only qay to repair items on SOUNDCRAFT-SURVIVAL!!!)
- Admin Chat
- Loads of RPG elements
- Very Configurable - Want to make mining take 3x longer to level? You can.
- MySQL Support
- Sound effects for:
- 3 Different HUD / XP Bar Styles
- Level-up achievement-style notifications

SCS geek
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mcMMO - More skills + More level = More fun !!!
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