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 Button Warp - "Taaaaaake me...."

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PostSubject: Button Warp - "Taaaaaake me...."   Mon 11 Feb - 14:57

Button Warp

Author: Codisimus

When the Player presses a linked button or stands on a linked pressure plate he will teleport and receive a message or money. Warps can also be set to take money instead of give it (pay to warp) This can also be used to charge players to press a button (to activate redstone f.e.). If a warp costs money in CUSCO, there will always be a warning or a sign with a price-list. So always pay attention before using one! If there is no info it's free.


- Supports all major Economies and Permission Plugins thanks to Vault
- You can customize what command this plugin uses by editing the plugin.yml (found inside
- the plugin jar file)
- MultiWorld support
- Configurable properties
- Easily edit Warps in game or from the save file
- Custom messages
- Displays time remaining until Player can use the Button of the Warp again
- Supports Buttons, Switches, Pressure plates, and Detector Rails
- Money can be given or taken when activating a Warp
- Commands can be executed when activating a Warp
- Different reward values can be set to different Warps
- Warps can be set to not teleport you anywhere but simply charge money to use a Button
- Option to deny warping if the Player is carrying items
- Optional Warp delay where Players must stand still
- Optional cool down including cool down type and cool down time
- List Warps and Warp info
- Link Warp to Player's Money or a Bank Account
- Reset individual Buttons, all Buttons linked to a Warp, or all Buttons linked to every Warp

Remember: On SOUNDCRAFT-SURVIVAL it depends on your RANK, wich parts of this plugin you're allowed to use.

SCS geek
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Button Warp - "Taaaaaake me...."
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