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PostSubject: Admin Shop   Wed 6 Feb - 6:11

The Admin Shop

In this institution you can sell your mined material or buy items you need for your regions and buildings. But it's not as easy as is seems.... Suspect
Only the basic materials are disposable. If you want to make money by using the admin shop, you will always need the right tool to mine the supported items, or a convenient area to farm it.
If you want to by stuff, there is always the problem that the bundle is too big or too small or expensive....however: In this case you will have to find trading partners, to realize your transactions. Remember the Trade-Plugin and the Mall. Just take some time and check out the huge variety of possibilities on this server. And for shure: ...after a while you'll become a successful merchant. cheers

In this case you would be able to:
- sell 16 Glowstone for 20$*(left click)
- buy 16 Glowstone for 30$* (right click)

...any questions? Contact the team!


* ingame money!!!
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Admin Shop
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