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 iConomy - the basic plugin

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PostSubject: iConomy - the basic plugin   Wed 6 Feb - 3:01


A simple, and easy to use economic core. It provides an easy to use API / service for other plugins to utilize to create innovative and new creations like lottery system, bank systemy, card games, shops, and more. Even the residence system is connected to iConomy. Your imagination is the limit, and iConomy is just plugging in!
Our ingame curreny is Dollar ( $* ) ..as long as someone finds something more creative ! tongue
At gamestart your balance will be 30,00$*. By selling your mined items in the adminshop, you can easily earn more. You can also trade with other players or villagers, rent a shop in the mall (depends on your rank), use the Job-Plugin or take part in our server events to make money. When you advance to INKA (see: rank-system), you will be allowed to create a shop on your own residence.
If you want to learn more about iConomy-plugin, go to:
If you have more question about using this plugin on SOUNDCRAFT-SURVIVAL, contact the team...

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iConomy - the basic plugin
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