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 Falkenbur's Channel Introduction

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PostSubject: Falkenbur's Channel Introduction   Tue 5 Feb - 7:29

Hallo guys!

My name is Falk (short form of Falkenbur) and I started to put up Minecraft videos on YouTube since okt 2012 - you can find my channel here: YouTube

I'll really appreciate if you would check out my channel!

I started playing Minecraft since beta 1.7.3 and I spend quite some time with that game and I'm a bit experianced!

I have several series, but my main series is still the Minecraft vanilla survival singleplayer, so I play without cheats or mods there of course! So it's really a classic Minecraft let's play. I focus a lot on building but there is nothing I'm afraid of, so you'll see me messing around with redstone as well, big building projects, and all without switching into the creative mode. So I have to deal with mobs all the time (I play on hard mode)!

I always try to present you high quality videos. Besides good video and audio quality I really try to put up good content. So I cut out all boring farming scenes. I spice my videos up with good music and time-lapse is possible.

My channel introduction gives you an overview of my YouTube videos and series.

My other series are from a whitelisted minecraft server (Relishmole SMP) and I started a legit career on the SoundCraft server and made let's play as well. You'll see all the hot spots of the server there, how to keep the orientation in the City of Cusco and all important server commands in the first half of the video. And you'll see my personal progress in the second half then. So guys - stay tuned!

Bye bye, Falkenbur
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Falkenbur's Channel Introduction
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